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Meet the Band

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🔥 Get ready to be electrified by Waking the Sleeper, Wichita, Kansas's own powerhouse of metal, fronted by the unstoppable force of Raven Le Rouge's commanding vocals and Gunnie Gunderson's rhythmic roar! These rock titans first unleashed their sonic fury in the sweltering heat of late summer 2016, crafting a sound as intense as a prairie storm.

Their debut album '7 Deadly Sins' dropped like a bomb in November 2018, shaking the foundations of the metal world. The earth-shattering singles "Wrath" and "Greed" didn't just climb the charts – they conquered them, reigning supreme for weeks on end and earning the band a legion of fans and critical acclaim across the globe.

🏆 But the accolades didn't stop there. Waking the Sleeper has been tearing through the award scene with the ferocity of a Kansas twister, snagging the 2017 RRR Award for New and Upcoming Band of the Year and coming in a fierce second for Vocalist of the Year. They even scored a nomination for the Home Away From Home Award at the 2018 Tulsa Music Awards, proving that their impact resounds far and wide.

The band's relentless tour schedule has seen them shredding stages across 14 U.S. states, leaving a trail of awestruck fans in their wake. They've stood shoulder to shoulder with metal giants like Drowning Pool and Otep, and have become festival favorites, melting faces at events like Rocklahoma and the Blue Ridge Rock Festival.

With a record deal from Rock Avenue Records USA in their back pocket, Waking the Sleeper welcomed fresh blood into their ranks in 2023: Miss Elizabeth on keys and vocals, Seth Williams wielding his lead guitar like a battle-axe, Will Akin thundering on bass, and Chris Wes Wesley pounding the drums like a warlord.

🔊 Now, Waking the Sleeper is pouring their heart, soul, and unbridled energy into their highly-anticipated sophomore album. Their latest single "Fadin" is just a taste of the sonic revolution they're spearheading. Brace yourselves, because Waking the Sleeper isn't just on the rise – they're an unstoppable force ready to shake the metal realm to its core! 🤘🔥

"With all the hardships we go through, no matter how much we get down, it only takes one moment of positivity to change everything!"

- Raven Le Rouge, Lead Singer

"Putting a finger in your belly button makes you feel better"

- Chris Wes Wesley , Drummer

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